Tips for An Energy-Efficient Home Design

Tips for An Energy-Efficient Home Design

These simple — yet stylish — energy-efficient home design ideas might be quite surprising to you.

Homeowners’ styles and their home decorating tastes can vary, but one thing many can agree on is achieving an energy-efficient home design. Improving a home’s energy efficiency saves money on the monthly utility bill and has a lesser impact on the environment. If these two items aren’t reasoning enough to go with energy-efficient home design, you should also know there are still plenty of aesthetic and creative home design choices you can make. Most energy-efficient home concerns involve temperature control, insulation, and lighting. The following are a few tips on outfitting your home with an energy-efficient design in mind.

Bring in Light

Save on lighting by inviting in as much brightness and light into your home as possible. Aside from our favorite tip of using natural light from windows, use a light color scheme to reflect more light and create the illusion of a brighter space. Pale blues or classic beige and off-white walls are excellent at creating this look. Consider using glass wall partitions or stair railings for an added touch of class while keeping the space looking open and bright. For your light fixtures, opt for energy-efficient LED lights. These bulbs consume less energy, are brighter, and don’t put out as much heat, saving you money on air conditioning in the warmer months.

Cover the Windows

Yes, this sounds like a contradictory tip because we just said we love letting in natural light. However, installing window treatments and covers are still an energy-efficient home design idea. Furthermore, old windows may not offer the most insulation, so cold or hot air can go in and out of your home quite easily. Window covers like drapes, curtains, or blinds offer a layer of protection to give you more control over your home’s temperature. In fact, the style possibilities are endless, and you can change them out season-to-season.

Use Correct Carpeting

Carpet flooring offers a level of comfort and coziness that can’t easily be replaced in homes. Area rugs make for interesting accents to any room. More than just a decorative statement, rugs and carpets also act as thermal insulators during the colder times of the year. For those concerned about their indoor air quality, choosing hypoallergenic rugs made from organic fibers is less likely to irritate your lungs. Plus, carpets and rugs can trap dust and allergens until you clean them so that these particles won’t be floating around in the air all the time. 

Install Efficiency Systems

Lastly, we can’t forget to mention installing energy-efficient appliances and systems throughout your home. In fact, several items are available on the market in different styles to suit your energy-efficient home design taste. Aside from water-conserving faucets and showerheads, use energy-efficient kitchen appliances, solar panels, heat pump water heaters, and water recycling home systems.

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