Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Using these sustainable kitchen remodeling tips will be better for your health, wallet, and the planet!

Living in a sustainable home is better for one’s health, wallet, and the planet. And, of course, homeowners want to live in a beautifully designed house. Thus, transforming their kitchens with sustainable kitchen remodeling concepts and tasks can help them achieve all these goals! To further explore the possibilities for your sustainable kitchen remodeling project, contact Design Solutions today!

Quartz Countertops

Quartz recently got a mention in our countertop design trends blog. More and more homeowners are starting to appreciate the beauty and utility of quartz for counters. This engineered stone material is far more sustainable than granite. While both quartz and granite are extracted from the earth, quartz is longer-lasting and recyclable while granite is not. Plus, the energy required to process granite is very energy-intensive.

Recycled Materials

Wherever possible, incorporate high-quality recycled materials into your sustainable kitchen remodeling project. Reclaimed wood can be repurposed into floors, countertops, cabinets, and more. In addition, recycled glass makes terrific light fixtures and countertops, as well. 

Longevity in Design

Sustainability tends to focus on the longevity of something in order to reduce how often it will need to be replaced or repaired. It’s important to invest strategically in high-quality materials and installation jobs. Additionally, creating a timeless kitchen design, like one in a traditional style, will ensure your long-term satisfaction with the remodeled kitchen.

Energy-Efficient Fixtures

We can’t forget to mention to use energy-efficient lighting fixtures and appliances throughout your kitchen! The kitchen requires so much gas, electricity, and water every day. Energy-efficient appliances, LED lights, and water-conserving faucets and dishwashers all come together to reduce excessive energy consumption, as well as lower your utility bills.

Design Your Dream Kitchen With Design Solutions, Inc.

Design Solutions Inc, located in Annapolis MD, is here to help homeowners throughout the Maryland areas redesign their bathrooms, kitchens, and homes. Want to create a greener home? Ask us about sustainable design for your Maryland home.

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