Home Remodeling: Beware of Toxic Materials

Home Remodeling: Beware of Toxic Materials

Be mindful of the building materials you use in your home remodel. Design Solutions can help you select non-toxic materials for your project.

It’s the week of Halloween. A scare is fun once in a while, but are not welcomed when it comes to your home! Toxic building materials are a threat to you and your family’s health. During your next home remodeling project, beware of using these potentially toxic materials in your kitchen, bathroom, or other living space. Trust in Design Solutions to recommend non-toxic building materials to help you create a beautiful and eco-friendly home.


A fresh coat of paint is an obvious way of transforming a room and giving it a new life. Nearly every color below the sun is available, so you’re sure to find a striking maroon or demure eggshell color to fit your home remodeling taste. Just be sure to opt for paints with low or no-VOC when painting your walls or kitchen cabinets. Paints with none or low volatile organic compounds won’t release as many toxic chemicals into the air, which can drastically improve your home’s indoor air quality.


While wood itself is not inherently toxic, substances used to treat the wood can be. Phalates, formaldehyde, arsenic, and paraffin are just some of the chemicals used in manufacturing wood boards for building materials. You must check that the wood has been treated with non-toxic substances in its stains or as a preservative. Use reclaimed wood for sustainable building material. However, test the wood for toxins before incorporating it into your home remodeling project.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring poses a dilemma. Homeowners love the soft comfort and style it adds to their homes. Still, certain carpets present health risks. Not only can carpet fibers trap dust and pesticides brought in by shoes and pets, but synthetic carpet fibers are known to be made from chemicals that harm human nervous and respiratory systems. Often, carpet flooring entails other hazardous artificial dyes, sprays, treatments, and cleansers. For a safer alternative, purchase non-toxic carpeting made from natural fibers like hemp, cotton, and jute. Selecting low pile carpets and rugs are less likely to trap allergens and are easier to clean.


During your home remodeling process, if you are removing or replacing old wallboards, you may want to consider the insulation. When it comes to asbestos insulation, the diseases that can be brought on by asbestos exposure are a real concern to many homeowners. While intact and overall well-maintained asbestos insulation isn’t dangerous to human health, understandably, many still worry about the long term breakdown and exposure to this insulation material. For a healthier yet effective alternative, many homes use wool or cotton batts, recycled cellulose materials, and even recycled plastics.

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