Residential Redesign

The core purpose of all design is to organize individual elements into a cohesive space. In residential redesign, our challenge is to consider every element of your home and create a space that makes sense, both aesthetically and functionally. We take a room, a section, a floor or an entire house, and rework the space to create a balanced environment that meets the demands of your family and your styles and tastes as well.

Residential redesign is about understanding the relationship between people and the space they live in. Joni Zimmerman, the founder, president and artistic director at Design Solutions, Inc., has studied psychology and human dynamics in addition to her design and architecture background. She brings this expertise into play in designing a space, with careful consideration towards how people live and work in a space, and how the space impacts their response to each other.

When residential redesign is done correctly, it creates an inner peace, and allows coexistence in a space without creating unnecessary tensions. By removing functional or aesthetic discord through design, the space becomes much more livable.

Our Residential Redesign Process

Understanding Your Needs

Our residential redesign process is most effective when we have a complete understanding of our clients and how they use the space. We begin our process by determining what issues you’re facing that need to be addressed. What difficulties does the space cause in your daily life? Is sustainability or energy reduction a concern? How does the design affect you and your family, on both a functional and emotional level? By answering these questions, we can begin the process of reimagining the space.

Design to Match Your Home and Your Lifestyle

Redesigning a space will dramatically change the way it feels within the home. It’s important that the design compliments the rest of the home, and doesn’t feel out of place or forced. Particularly in residential redesign, where only a portion of a home is being reworked, coordinating the design with the rest of the home is essential.

No Project Too Small

Our residential redesign services are perfect for clients that are looking to rework a space within their home that needs updating, or is not meeting their needs, but are not looking to hire an architect for a complete remodeling of the home. When our clients have design needs that go beyond the scope of our redesign services, we can recommend architects to work with.

Design Solutions, Inc. provides residential redesign for clients in Kent Island, Severna Park, Columbia and throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. We also provide residential redesign service from our secondary location in Cumberland and Western Maryland. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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