Kitchen Design Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Kitchen Design Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Following these kitchen design tips to improve your indoor air quality can make the kitchen a happier and healthier place to be!

An important but often overlooked aspect of sustainable kitchen design is the impact on your indoor air quality. We’ve previously explored how interior designs can improve your home’s indoor air quality. Some aspects of your kitchen design can be assessed and remodeled to create a healthier living environment too. Your kitchen materials and cooking habits can create and trap alarming amounts of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and more hazardous pollutants. Let’s identify some common culprits and explore ways to modify your kitchen design to improve the indoor air quality.

Where Can Pollutants Come From?

Your appliances and cooking habits contribute the most pollution in the kitchen. Natural gas and propane stoves can leave traces of gases in the air when it’s not burned away. Using an oven’s self-cleaning feature burns away remnant food waste, but releases a range of harmful particulate matter and gases into the air. Also, home cooks, who deep fry with oil or brown meats when cooking, create air pollutants. Along with all the heating elements in a kitchen that create pollutants, don’t forget about the fumes from kitchen cleaning agents that linger in the air with poor ventilation. This can be even more concerning if you have an open kitchen that shares the air with adjoining living spaces.

While this information by no means should discourage homeowners from using their kitchen for cooking their meals, there are ways to reduce pollutants in your home’s atmosphere and clear away airborne contaminants.

Range Hood

A great start to better ventilation is to install an efficient range hood over your stovetop burners. Today’s range hoods can be built-in to well crafted ornamental hood casings to suit your kitchen design. If opting for an ever-popular microwave range hood, make sure the airflow is powerful enough to exhaust cooking smells and steam. To promote healthy air exchange in your kitchen, even opening a window, whether something is cooking or not, can make a major difference!


Make sure you have your gas stove inspected for carbon monoxide leaks at least annually. When cooking, try to use the back burners often to prevent pollutants from escaping the range hood fan. Also, keep your stovetop clean, so fallen food bits do not burn. The nature of gas-burning stoves means they will create more emissions as a result of combustion. You may look into stoves with electric coil ranges or sleek glass-ceramic top ranges for a contemporary flair.

Eco-Friendly Cabinets

There are plenty of wood cabinet styles that look beautiful in many kitchen designs. Pick the sustainable and environmentally responsible crafted custom cabinets that make homeowners feel as good as they make a kitchen look. Environmentally safe wood cabinets should be made from woods not treated with harmful chemical preservatives, stains, or paints that release VOCs into your kitchen atmosphere.

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