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A few weeks ago I learned about a new knife company call Craftstone.  Being a design professional who loves both quality and beauty, I immediately became excited!!  And, since I enjoy great prep tools for the kitchen this really piqued my interest!!!

So, here is what is so cool about this product…It is super high-quality design for comfort in use…in fact, it is designed by a chef with 33 years of experience.  The way you hold and use the knife for control is really well thought out. The handle is beautifully weighted in your hand. Now the exciting part – you design the knife!!!  Pick your blade for the type of knife you want. Then pick your handle material out of exotic stone or wood. After that, there are little sparkling gems you add to the end of the base and, if you design, between the handle and the blade. Don’t want too much sparkle?  Pick a different color metal or stone ring, or etched ring, or, even more custom, an engraved ring with words of your choice!!! If that isn’t enough, you can add engraving to the blade!

Just imagine…..need a special gift? Custom design a knife set! Engrave the occasion or date or names on the blade or ring.  Color coordinate to your kitchen or just pick something that strikes you….The possibilities are endless!

Great, you may say – sounds really good, but are they are good as it sounds?  Well, I have the answer to that as well – YES!!!! I just got several and LOVE them!  They are so comfortable in my hand while cutting and chopping, and so beautiful I don’t want to put them away!!  Here they are!

Want to learn more?  Check out these two Youtube videos of Gabriel Schmerler (the chef and creator) showing you both a little about the brand and its durability!!!

About the durability:  

About the knives and how to order:   

How to order:  

So, let your imagines go and think of that special occasion where you want something very special as a gift – heck, just buy them for yourself!!


Joni Zimmerman

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