Benefits of A Galley Kitchen Workstation

 Learn about the many benefits of a Galley Kitchen Workstation! Photo from

Learn about the many benefits of a Galley Kitchen Workstation! Photo from 

A Galley Kitchen Workstation brings many benefits for your home, as it can transform your sink into a function, small, and stylish space to complete every task. The workstations are available in six standard lengths, as well as custom sizes, so no matter the size of your kitchen sink, you’ll be able to find the perfect station. Continue reading to learn about the many benefits of a Galley Kitchen Workstation!


One of the best things about a Galley Kitchen Workstation is how functional it is. The kitchen accessory allows you to keep everything organized while you prep, cook, and clean. It becomes part of your sink and, depending on the model you get, can include a high-quality cutting board, colanders, a drying rack, platforms, and bowls with a lid and non-slip bottom.

Extra Counter Space

Do you wish your kitchen had more counter space? Most homeowners do! With The Gallery Workstation, you won’t be longing for extra countertops any longer, as you can prepare your meals right on the retractable cutting board in your sink. Once you’re finished chopping or peeling your ingredients, simply slide the scraps right into the sink for easy cleanup. If you choose a workstation with colanders, they will stay put securely over the sink, so you won’t have to scramble to make room in the sink before straining your food. Last but not least, you can use the station’s wash sink and drain rack to dry dishes without taking up any room on your countertop!


The Galley Kitchen Workstation comes in six lengths in single and double bowl configurations, so there is a size for everyone. Choose from the largest IWS 7 for a 1-3 person workstation, or the IWS 4 that is the perfect size for smaller or outdoor kitchens. For those who love to entertain and make drinks, there is also an option of a Galley BarStation to slice limes, mix a fresh cocktail, and wash and dry the glasses in one location. You can even customize your workstation by choosing the material: Natural Golden Bamboo, Graphite Wood Composite, Exclusive Gray Resin, or Designer White Resin.

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