Using Wood in Your Kitchen Redesign

Using Wood in Your Kitchen Redesign

Incorporating wood into your kitchen redesign adds so much character and warmth to the space!

Nothing is more classic than a wooden kitchen redesign. From a few wood accents to a full-blown rustic wooded dream, using wood colors and texture lends itself wonderfully in a kitchen redesign. Some modern kitchens that favor using minimal and light styles are beautiful too, but the grandeur and majestic quality of wood kitchens are hard to replace. In fact, you can still create anything from a traditional to a contemporary kitchen using the right application of wood. Here are some ideas to get you started on planning your kitchen redesign using versatile wood styles!

Create Contrast

For kitchens that aren’t entirely dedicated to the wood motif, the design incorporates a balance of wood and other materials or colors to create contrast. Warm orange and red-toned woods along with washed-out ashy colored woods pair beautifully with stone and different masonry textures in the kitchen. Kitchen island bases or cabinetry can use a wood construction, contrasted thoughtfully with a granite countertop or your kitchen appliance finishes.

Create Complements

If you prefer to use a complete wood motif throughout your kitchen redesign, you can use different shades and grain-patterned wood to complement each other within the whole design. This pairing adds a level of visual interest while keeping the overall look cohesive with the wood theme. Beyond wood cabinets, countertops, or bar chairs, consider installing wood floors and converting your existing ceiling into one with an exposed wooden rafter look.

Classic Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets generally exemplify superior craftsmanship in their construction. Anything from tiny embellishments to ornate carvings gives the wood a polished and refined look. Coupled with a more matte or high-shine polish — from safe chemicals — wood cabinets can be the focal design point of any home kitchen redesign. If the look of a completely wooden cabinetry set feels a tad closed-off to you, use some wood-framed glass cabinet doors throughout your kitchen to bring back some more light and spaciousness.

Warm and Cool Wood Colors

Wood comes in different grain patterns, textures, and tones to achieve different looks. You’re sure to find a style that you’ll love! If you prefer the rustic and robust appearance of wood, a deep cedar and oak with unique knots create a ton of personality. For a lighter and airy feel to your kitchen, consider a blanched and more even-grained wood finish, paired with your white or pale gray kitchen. Wood cabinet doors can even be painted with your choice of color to create the exact look you want.

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