Perks of Including a Butler Pantry to Your Kitchen Redesign

Perks of Including a Butler Pantry to Your Kitchen Redesign

Adding a butler pantry to your kitchen redesign can do more to elevate your home than lend its high-end appeal.

Adding a butler pantry to your kitchen redesign can do more to elevate your home than lend its high-end appeal. Homeowners who are hesitant to create or renovate their own butler pantry need to be made fully aware of all the benefits this kitchen addition holds the potential to. Today’s butler pantries are used in many more ways than its original purpose, and many will be pleasantly surprised by the added utility it brings to all types of homeowners and home cooks. For your next kitchen redesign project, consider these perks of having a butler pantry in your home.

More Storage

Most who think about creating a butler pantry think it’s only useful for storing dishware. While you can certainly store all types of dishware, from your daily use to special occasion china, in the open-shelves or glass-front cabinets, modern butler pantries cater to greater purposes and storage. In fact, this room is also perfect for holding traditional pantry food items or kitchen gear. Small appliances that would otherwise be left out on the main kitchen counter, such as a blender or toaster, can be set up in the butler pantry as well. Some pantries can even house an additional refrigerator or freezer for extra perishable food storage.

More Prep Space

A butler pantry may just be worth it since it makes possible the addition of extra countertop space for all your needs. With some additional plumbing and electrical work during your kitchen redesign, you can even add a second sink or dishwasher to the butler pantry. There’s more countertop space available both in the main kitchen area or in the butler pantry for food prep and clean up. Given that most homeowners choose to store their pantry items or plan for their butler pantry to be next to the food pantry, it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the butler pantry as a workspace, not solely for storage.

Helpful Hideaway

Are you looking forward to hosting dinner parties and entertaining guests after your kitchen redesign? Butler pantries make it easy to separate and conceal food prep messes from your gathered friends and family. A butler pantry also makes an excellent place to keep ready dishes and to hide dirty dishes pre and post-meal. If your butler pantry has a door to this space, you can close it to keep the attention on your company instead of all the behind-the-scenes clutter.

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