Kitchen Sink Design Debate: Single or Double Basin?

Kitchen Sink Design Debate: Single or Double Basin?

Does your home have a single or double kitchen sink design?

When homeowners think about replacing their kitchen sink during a kitchen remodel, they are left with many options to ponder. Their style preference and kitchen layout parameters may dictate their decision. Still, they can also customize their kitchen sink design by choosing the hardware or faucet type and the basin material. One hotly debated aspect of a smart kitchen sink design is whether to opt for a single or double basin sink. Read on to see which kitchen sink design choice best fits the form and functionality of your home, then call Design Solutions for your kitchen remodeling needs!

Single Basin

Single basin sinks are gaining popularity in most kitchens. Larger but single-bowl kitchen sinks fit better in most kitchen spaces, from countertop to kitchen islands. From a design standpoint, sizeable single basin sinks, such as a farmhouse sink, are an imposing and stylish element of a kitchen. There are plenty of functional benefits too. Homeowners like the flexibility of a large single basin sink to wash or soak oversized pots or baking sheets. A single basin requires one garbage disposal to catch all food scraps. Additionally, if you need a temporary divider, a dish basin can be placed into the sink. 

Still, functionally speaking, there can be a few drawbacks. Multi-tasking is much harder when working with a single bowl, such as draining cleaned produce and washing dishes at the same time. Having a single basin sink can require more sanitizing and cleaning. If you thaw raw meat or have contaminated dishes in the basin, you must clean the entire bowl to prevent spreading foodborne pathogens to other dishes.

Double Basin

Double basin kitchen sinks are accessible for those that hand wash dishes or don’t use a dishwasher. Separate basins let you separate clean and dirty dishes, or washing and drying dishes at the sink. More delicate glassware or dishware is less likely to break because it will be separate from other heavier dishes. With dual basins, one side can have dedicated and unblocked access to a garbage disposal drain.

For some, a double basin design can be a bother. Neither side of the bowls is usually big enough to fit oversized pots or dishes. The permanent installation of a divided bowl takes up sink space, not to mention often taking up more counter space, as well. 

A Kitchen Sink Design Compromise?

Ultimately, there are many kitchen sinks available in both single and double basin designs to fit whatever your needs are. Alternatively, you can consider installing a galley workstation instead of a traditional sink in your kitchen redesign. These workstations provide versatility to the kitchen sink space, with special inserts to help you wash, prep, and serve. As a bonus tip for your kitchen sink design, be sure to choose water-conserving faucets or install the appropriate water aerator for boosting your kitchen’s eco-friendliness!

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