Kitchen Redesign Tips: Color-Scheme

Kitchen Redesign Tips: Color-Scheme

Here are some must-know tips for creating a cohesive color-scheme during your next kitchen redesign.

When it comes time for a kitchen redesign, you can drastically alter the appearance or mood of your kitchen even with a subtle color change. There are so many ideas, trends, and styles out there, ready to inspire your kitchen transformation. However, homeowners can come to realize mid-project that their dream kitchen’s color selections aren’t exactly coming together. Consider some of these tips for selecting your color-scheme, and work with the kitchen designers at Design Solutions to perfect your kitchen redesign!

Different Elements

Remember, you will be assessing the color-scheme of your kitchen as a whole room. This means you don’t need to tie yourself to changing just one aspect of your kitchen. In fact, it probably calls for updating several elements of your kitchen, if you’d like. Wall paint, ceiling paint, and your kitchen floors all lay a background for your cabinets, appliances, backsplash, countertops, kitchen island, and more. Some materials, like stones and wood, and their shade and texture all come together in your overall kitchen redesign. These are all the different elements you can manipulate the color of to coordinate a fabulous color-scheme.

Consider Undertones

For those kitchens that use monochrome or more contemporary color-schemes, it all comes down to matching the undertones of your color choices. All colors, including neutrals, have subtle undertones that can create an impression of a warm or cold kitchen. Both styles can be flattering, but it can only be pulled off when the undertones are in the same color family. Even neutrals like beige can come in hundreds of variations of yellow, pink, blue, and green undertones. 

Use Light

You can further create variations in your kitchen redesign by changing up the lighting. Of course, this is a wonderful opportunity to switch up your light fixtures. Do you notice the difference between a lamp’s soft glow and the coldness of fluorescent lights in an office? The light source’s “temperature” color can dramatically impact the final look of your kitchen. Many homeowners like the warmth and comfort of a more yellow-toned light, although a soft white option may be perfect for complimenting your cool color-scheme kitchen without putting a strain on the eyes.

Color Trends and Fads

Every home, and therefore every kitchen, is unique. Color trends and fads like all white, monochrome gray, or other bolder uses of color may be popular now but can look tiresome in a few years, maybe even months. For that reason, neutrals are generally the safest and most timeless looking option, but don’t be afraid to go for a bolder color choice too! Just be sure to pick and design around a color-scheme you’ll adore. As the seasons go by, you can change up decorative elements like drapes, table linens, vases, and dinnerware to create color variation in your kitchen design.

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