Kitchen Redesign Dilemma: Cooktop or Range?

Kitchen Redesign Dilemma: Cooktop or Range?

When completing your kitchen redesign project, no detail is too small to gloss over. Should you choose a cooktop or range?

When completing your kitchen redesign project, no detail is too small to gloss over. In fact, it’s often these aspects of the kitchen redesign that can come back and bite you if you don’t invest the time to think through your choices carefully. One of these crucial decisions that will impact your use and enjoyment of your new kitchen will be deciding between installing a cooktop and wall oven combination or installing a range.

Not all homeowners are aware of the differences in the experience of having one versus the other. With the vast amount of options you have for either cooktops or ranges, you are likely to find a configuration from both categories that can suit your unique kitchen redesign. The question remains: how do you choose between the two?

Does Your Kitchen Have Space Limitations?

In a small kitchen, you’re likely limited with the amount of counter space, cabinet space, and wall space you have to work with. In general, designers suggest a cooking range since the single appliance combines the stovetop with the oven. They come in standard sizes that should fit your strategically placed cabinet openings. A cooktop will use up countertop space. It often won’t allow for a separate wall oven to be installed beneath in the undercabinet area. In addition, you need to consider how this affects the ventilation hood placement or installing a cooktop unit with a downdraft system.

What Are Your Cooking Needs?

Your cooking habits and practical use of the stove and oven can help you narrow your kitchen redesign choice. Do you enjoy baking or tend to hold food-centered gatherings? Double-wall ovens may take up extra space in your kitchen. Still, it wouldn’t be a waste if you get plenty of use out of them. How often do you make dishes that need finishing in the oven? You’ll need to put the wall oven close by to the cooktop or opt for a range for the best proximity. Do you have back issues or any conditions that might hinder your mobility? A wall oven can be placed at a more comfortable height for you to move pots and baking trays, without requiring you to bend down to check the range oven.

Also, think about how many cooks will typically be occupying your kitchen at once. A separate cooktop and wall oven define two distinct work stations, giving everyone more room to move and to cook.

What Is Your Aesthetic or Style Preference?

If the practical aspects seem tied as you think over your kitchen redesign, you can think about your aesthetic preference — which is just as important in any kitchen design! Homeowners who love contemporary or modern styles may prefer a sleek electric or induction cooktop, along with wall ovens that fit into your cabinetry wall. Conversely, if you feel like your kitchen redesign is missing an “it” factor or needs a focal point to ground your overall design, a range can work well as that final element.

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