Incorporating Kitchen Safety Rules Into Your Kitchen Remodel

Learn how to incorporate kitchen safety rules into your kitchen remodel.

Learn how to incorporate kitchen safety rules into your kitchen remodel.

A kitchen remodel is a great investment that has many benefits, but when designing a new kitchen, it’s crucial to have safety in mind. The kitchen is home to some of the most dangerous appliances in your home, including the stove/oven, toaster, microwave, and dishwasher. Cooking is the number one cause of house fires in the U.S., so it is essential to take kitchen safety rules into account during your remodel!

Fire Prevention

Everyone wants to ensure their home is protected from a house fire, and there are a few steps to take in the kitchen that will minimize the risk of fire. Every kitchen should have a fire suppression system, such as a fire extinguisher, to prevent the spread of flames. There are different types of fire extinguishers, so be sure to use one that is specifically for the kitchen.

When it comes to planning your new layout, it’s essential to keep in mind the proximity of your stove to flammable objects. For example, items such as potholders and aprons should be a safe distance from the range, as well as oils and other foods that easily catch on fire. It’s also a smart idea to avoid putting the stove near the entrance or exit to prevent accidental burns.


The kitchen can get very messy, and it’s common for the floors to get wet from water from the sink or dropped ingredients. When designing your new kitchen, look for slip-resistant floors to ensure the room is always safe to walk on. Also, it’s important to plan ahead and use cleaning chemicals with grease-removal and slip-resistance properties.


Lighting may not seem like a safety concern, but when you are using sharp utensils and dangerous appliances, lighting places a crucial factor! Good lighting provides a much safer work environment by allowing you to have complete vision when chopping ingredients with a serrated knife and using a blender with a sharp blade. LED lighting is always a good option, as it is long-lasting, energy-efficient, and easy on the eyes.

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