Ideas For An Eat-In Kitchen Redesign

Ideas For An Eat-In Kitchen Redesign

Kitchen dining areas are popular in most homes. What would you like to incorporate into your eat-in kitchen redesign?

Enjoying meals and company in your home’s beautifully designed dining room is delightful. However, many homes have kitchens built with enough space to accommodate a dining area for everyday use. An eat-in kitchen redesign can optimize the functionality of this space and create opportunities to enhance the aesthetic look of your kitchen. Whether you use your extended kitchen dining area for a breakfast nook or your daily meals, you want your eat-in kitchen redesign to incorporate the best tips and ideas to create your ideal eating and living space. Here are four suggestions to help you plan a spectacular eat-in kitchen redesign!

Zone the Dining and Kitchen Space

While the shared space of a dining-kitchen naturally flows between the eating and kitchen space, design details can demark a separation of the dining and kitchen area. Depending on your kitchen island layout, you can zone the two regions on either side of the island pretty clearly. Another idea includes hanging unique or luxurious lighting fixtures, like a small chandelier or pendant lights, to illuminate the dining section. Changing up the crown molding or ceiling design from the kitchen and dining section of the room also indicates a degree of separation to break up the space.

Use Complementing Dining Furniture

A cohesive-look does not necessarily mean you need to use matching furniture in your eat-in kitchen redesign. Try using complementing or contrasting dining furniture to add visual interest to the overall design. If your kitchen is monochromatic, add pops of color to your eating area with colorful chairs or table settings. If the kitchen has a wood motif, use a metal or even glass dining room table for something a little different and unexpected. Using complementing materials, colors, or textures enhances the separate spaces while maintaining a balanced design.

Construct Custom Seating

To make the dining portion of the kitchen design look more intentional, construct custom seating instead of furnishing with chairs. To achieve this, build breakfast nook seating into the corner of the room and add a table. Or, if your kitchen island is large enough, you can attach bench seating along the side of the island. 

Consider the Layout

Whether you have a large or small eat-in kitchen, remember always to allocate enough space throughout the layout to move about comfortably. A small space can quickly go from cozy to claustrophobic if there isn’t enough space to walk around the dining section or to work in the kitchen. Think about whether a circular or rectangular dining table will better suit your eat-in kitchen layout. Further, don’t forget to position seating with the view in mind. Perhaps you’ll want a relaxing view to the outside, so you’ll place the chairs or benches to face the windows. Or, you may not want to have dirty dishes insight when you are trying to relax over your meal. A large sink or dishwasher can hide the mess while you enjoy using the dining space.

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