How To Design Your Kitchen For Multiple Cooks

Learn how to design your kitchen your multiple cooks.

Learn how to design your kitchen your multiple cooks.

Cooking with your friends or loved one is often a fun time, but in small kitchens, it can be challenging to share the kitchen with others. Cooking should be soothing and stress-free, so if your kitchen results in frustrated chefs, it’s time to make some changes! Continue reading for a few tips on how to design your kitchen so you can cook with friends and family comfortably.

Kitchen Traffic

In a small kitchen, you may feel crowded even if there is only one other person is sharing the space with you. The best way to avoid a traffic jam is to incorporate pass-through openings and a kitchen island to guide movement with prepping and cooking food. If your kitchen opens on one side, this is the perfect spot for an island to create a multi-purpose barrier between the dining area and cooking space. This way, one person can remain at the island to prepare all the food, while the other can stay in the kitchen and start cooking.


Having designated workstations is crucial for cooking with others in a small kitchen, or else you will all end up on top of one another. When designing your kitchen, think about work triangles and the distance between your appliances. While some appliances should be close together, such as the sink and the dishwasher, it is often a good idea to disperse some appliances throughout the room. For example, one person should be able to easily access the fridge while others cook on the stovetop or use the oven.


If you are redesigning your kitchen, now is the perfect time to create a new layout! A kitchen’s layout is extremely important and can make a big difference when cooking with multiple people. U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen designs are often the best choices, as they allow for plenty of space for cooks to share the room. When designing your layout, keep in mind how the room will feel and function with groups of friends or during a family event.

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