How To Choose The Right Hardware For Your Kitchen

Learn how to choose the right hardware for your kitchen.

Learn how to choose the right hardware for your kitchen.

When redesigning your kitchen and choosing new cabinets, you will also have to decide which hardware goes best with them. While it can feel overwhelming to choose from various different materials and styles, there are plenty of tips to help you choose the right hardware for your new kitchen! Continue reading for some important tips all homeowners should know before choosing new kitchen hardware.


Every kitchen has a theme, so your new hardware should be chosen with that theme in mind. For example, if your kitchen theme is modern and contemporary, go with sleek, tubular pulls pair beautifully. However, if your kitchen is more traditional, your cabinets will pair better with simple, smooth knobs. A country-style kitchen can also look great with hardware that has an antique look, such as rubbed bronze.

Cohesive Finishes

Hardware comes in all types of finishes, and while it is okay to mix and match to add some personality into your kitchen, you should maintain the same finish and keep colors as close as possible. If you are buying hardware from different retailers, double check that the finishes are very similar to keep your kitchen cohesive.

Knobs or Pulls?

Once you have a finish in mind, it’s time to choose the right style- knobs or pulls. In many cabinets, especially those up higher on the wall, knobs are often the best choice. If you are unsure which is the right choice, stick with knobs on cabinet doors and pulls for drawers. A knob is smaller and simpler, and won’t take attention away from finely detailed cabinets.


Remember that knobs and pulls are not the only hardware in your kitchen- you also must take into account the finish on your appliances, light fixtures, and your sink. Mixing metal finishes is a trend and can be done in an appealing way; however, it can also look too clashy if you overdo it. Talk with your kitchen designer to ensure all finishes look great together and create one cohesive kitchen style.

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