Functional Kitchen: Adding a Prep Sink

Functional Kitchen: Adding a Prep Sink

Is this a case of two is better than one? See why a functional kitchen is better off with an additional prep sink.

It’s true that having a well-designed and placed kitchen sink or galley workstation helps enhance the homeowner’s use of their functional kitchen. Have you entertained the idea of adding a smaller, secondary prep sink? Prep sinks, and kitchens with two separate sinks in general, are more common in homes nowadays, thanks to the popularization in restaurant and hospitality settings. Truly, adding a small prep sink can do wonders for supplementing a highly functional kitchen design. Plus, this addition won’t look out of place in your home with a thoughtful approach to design and function.

Doing More

Even one larger sink can still feel a bit crowded when two people need to work over the sink. Plus, it doesn’t always work out if one needs to wash vegetables, and the other needs to do dishes. Having an extra sink in the kitchen gives space for two people to do two jobs efficiently. You and your other home cook are less likely to get in each other’s way and annoy the other before the table is even set.

Entertain with Ease

Having a prep sink is also ideal for hosts who often have company over and like to entertain with their functional kitchen. For guests that wish to help out so you can chat while you work, a prep sink acts as a secondary work area to help get the meal together quickly. Conversely, you can stay social while doing work at a sink with a secondary sink facing the open space. That way, you don’t need to hold a conversation over a shoulder while you have guests over.

Strategically placed prep sinks can help with serving the food, not just preparing it. Guests can use the prep sink to clean up accidental spills or rinse out glasses, all without having to interrupt your use of the main sink. Filling up the prep sink with ice makes it a great makeshift cooler to chill and serve beverages or a platter of seafood.

Convenient Reach

Place a secondary sink where it will make the most sense in your kitchen layout by considering its best-intended use. Usually, it’s one closer to the shared space or dining area, and the primary sink stays a part of the work triangle. Kitchen islands are a good place to install a prep sink if your primary one is not already there. Functional kitchen sink placements aim to cut down on the area you need to take up when walking from the sink to your other workstation. With two sinks, you can have one closer to the refrigerator to clean produce, and one closer to the stove to fetch water for boiling.

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