Flooring Options for a Luxurious Kitchen Remodel

Flooring Options for a Luxurious Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners can achieve a luxurious kitchen remodel without needing to pay premium prices. Here are some flooring options to bring out your kitchen’s elegance!

If you’re choosing new flooring for a luxurious kitchen remodel, you have more affordable and practical options than you may think. Selecting kitchen flooring requires you to consider the durability of the material while achieving a style you’ll love for years. Whether your luxurious kitchen remodel focuses on a contemporary or more traditional style, the true look of luxury comes from high quality in aesthetics without sacrificing function. These three flooring options should hit the mark for performance in your luxurious kitchen remodel.

Luxury Vinyl

Homeowners can achieve a luxurious look without paying premium prices. Luxury vinyl is well worth anyone’s consideration, especially since it has found its way into many upscale homes and even commercial settings, like restaurants. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles come in several colors and patterns, some of which can mimic high-end stone and wood floors. Further, its construction of multiple layers makes it comfortable underfoot and relatively scratch resistant. With a professional installation job, luxury vinyl is low maintenance and able to withstand high foot-traffic. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles look great in any luxurious kitchen remodel. The material boasts excellent durability and a long lifespan with low maintenance needs other than regular mopping. Porcelain tiles can replicate the look of other luxurious stone tiles at a fraction of the price. What’s more, porcelain is fully waterproof and stain-resistant, which can’t be said about many natural stones. If the foundation of your kitchen was built on large floor beams and can support the heavy weight of porcelain tile floors, this material is certainly worth the investment.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stones like marble and limestone are the frontrunning choices when it comes to luxurious kitchen remodels. If one is willing to pay for the higher price in material and installation, natural stone flooring sets the right tone for an elegant home. Indeed, you may consider installing beautiful stone slabs, tiles, or panels if you’re looking for flooring for a smaller kitchen. Natural stone’s durability makes it perfect for withstanding high traffic. However, it doesn’t hold up as well to moisture and stains, which are prevalent issues in a kitchen. This shouldn’t be a major issue if homeowners are diligent with cleaning up spills as they happen.

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