Contemporary Kitchen Design Elements

Contemporary Kitchen Design Elements

Contemporary kitchen design flatters most homes. Follow these steps for designing a simple and chic kitchen!

Contemporary style home design trends are in, and that includes its reach into our kitchens. It’s not too surprising that homeowners everywhere are favoring contemporary kitchen design more and more. People find satisfaction in the simple luxuries, so it stands to reason why we want our kitchens to reflect the minimalist and streamlined look. Despite how low-key the description that contemporary kitchen design is associated with — flat surfaces, straight lines, and minimal orientation — achieving this style yields clean, spacious looking kitchens that’s sure to flatter most homes. To recreate the look for your next kitchen project, consider these contemporary kitchen design elements when planning your redesign.

Bright Light and White

Most trendy and minimalist-inspired kitchens use this design element already. Nothing says simplicity quite like well-lit kitchens with a white color scheme. Of course, there are plenty of contemporary kitchen design variations that use other neutral and simple colors, as well as pops of non-neutrals too. The straightforward approach to creating a contemporary setting for your kitchen can start with a white motif and large windows to let in plenty of light.

Industrial Style

Adding subtle hints to the industrial style is popular in many contemporary kitchen designs. Details like concrete floors, metal barstools, and stainless steel appliances all allude to the shift from traditional design to modern and industrial style (popularized during the early to mid 20th century). Eventually, the industrial look remained in today’s definition of contemporary style.

Wooden Accents

Even more surprising to some, contemporary kitchens use a blend of different materials to add much-needed contrast and warmth. The allure of simple color schemes and limited decorations means the kitchen space can look rather cold and sterile if done incorrectly. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by using accents like warm wood to bring warmth and personality back to the design.

Sleek and Shine

To further emphasize the straight lines and smooth edges of a contemporary kitchen, while adding some much-desired visual interest, play with textures and finishes. Shiny lacquer cabinets and sleek, polished marble are elegant touches that elevate a kitchen without adding too much fuss.

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