Choosing Between Porous and Nonporous Countertops

Learn how to choose between porous and nonporous countertops.

Learn how to choose between porous and nonporous countertops.

When looking for new countertops for your kitchen redesign, you will likely see the word “nonporous” as a feature of countertops and other kitchen items. If you are unsure what this word means or why it’s important in the kitchen, continue reading to learn about the differences between porous and nonporous countertops!

What Is A Nonporous Countertop?

Nonporous simply describes a material that is not permeable to air or fluids. Many people choose nonporous countertops because they won’t allow or contain any air or water within them, allowing for easy cleanup and maintenance. On the other hand, porous surfaces have pores, meaning that it has microscopic holes that allow air and water to flow through.

Benefits of Nonporous

As most homeowners know, the countertops are one of the most crucial parts of a kitchen. They typically see the most action in the kitchen, as they are used for food preparation, holding all types of kitchen appliances, and are sometimes a place to eat off of. Nonporous countertops have many benefits, as you only need to wipe down the surface with a cloth to ensure that it is clean and dry all the way through. With porous materials, you never know if mold or bacteria have made there way under the material and are lurking underneath the countertop. Most porous countertops are sealed properly so they can block water and air, but nonporous countertops will block all liquids whether they are sealed or not!

Which Surfaces Are Nonporous?

Natural stones have pores, so countertops such as granite and marble are considered porous surfaces. Since water and liquids can enter the surface, these countertops require sealing after installation, and the process must be repeated once a year.

Solid countertop surfaces, such as engineered quartz, are naturally nonporous and do not ever need a sealant. Laminate and recycled glass are also nonporous materials and are some of the top low-maintenance countertop surface options on the market. They don’t require any sealing or refreshing, and the surface is very easy to clean.

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