5 Signs Of A Family-Friendly Kitchen

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Is your kitchen design family-friendly? Check out our tips to remodel your kitchen.

Every household has a hub for their family. More likely than not, yours is the kitchen. Aside from cooking meals and gathering to eat there together, a family spends a lot of time in their kitchen just going about their daily lives. Parents coordinate dinner plans and appointments, kids are doing their homework, and maybe even the family pet has their meals in the kitchen too.

Homeowners are fortunate to have the lively and inviting space of the family kitchen. Do you find that your family spends a majority of the time in the kitchen together? When it comes time to update your kitchen, consider some of the features you will be adding to your kitchen design project. You want to consider a kitchen redesign that will emphasize the functionality and safety of the kitchen, yet you’ll want a design that fits naturally into the rest of your home and lifestyle. A family-friendly kitchen design can do it all.

Here are five signs of a family-friendly kitchen.

Open Floor Plan

If your kitchen flows into the living room or any other family space in the house, it makes it that much easier to comfortably stay in each other’s company. An open floor plan can give your kitchen space to maintain the work area and have uninterrupted conversation. Parents working in the open kitchen can have an easier time keeping track of the younger family members in the space. 

Easy to Clean Surfaces

A must have for every family kitchen where spills and splashes are inevitable. These surfaces include the countertops, floor, and wall paint. Your kitchen remodeling is built to last, that means keeping things clean. The easier it is to clean up messes, the more you can enjoy spending time together. This is especially important to consider when designing a child-friendly kitchen too.

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is no longer just for breakfast bites or afternoon snacks alone. Parents and kids can be working at the island, either paying bills or typing up an essay. A stylish functional piece of the kitchen, it’s great for gathering around to socialize and as an extension of the kitchen workstation.

Accessible Pantry

Parents and kids of all ages will inevitably rummage around the pantry when they’re feeling peckish. Custom cabinets, even for the pantry cabinet, makes it easy for kids to reach parent-approved snacks.

Refrigerator Drawer

Like the accessible pantry point, a refrigerator that has a separate drawer is a great place to keep quick and easy frozen snack foods. Kids being able to make themselves a snack encourages their self-sufficiency, hopefully affording parents a little break. 

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