3 Steps to Create an Inviting Kitchen Redesign

3 Steps to Create an Inviting Kitchen Redesign

An inviting kitchen redesign creates a place to relax, hang out with family, or even entertain a few guests.

Yes, a kitchen redesign should make your use of the kitchen space better. However, many homeowners are just as interested in a kitchen redesign that can make their kitchen feel like an inviting place to be in their home. When homeowners aren’t bustling around the kitchen preparing a meal, they also want it to be a place to relax, hang out with family, or even entertain a few guests. This endeavor is more achievable than you may think! Here are three easy-to-follow steps to create an inviting kitchen redesign.

Timeless Kitchen Style

A “timeless” kitchen redesign or style might mean and look different to different homeowners. These kitchens can follow anything from traditional to more contemporary styles. However, the key factor to consider when planning a timeless kitchen design is to avoid functional mistakes. A kitchen won’t be very inviting or drum up feelings of comfort when your use of the space is entangled with feelings of frustration. In general, a kitchen redesign covering its bases on efficiency (i.e., proper workflow, well-lit, plentiful storage and workspace) can take on any decor or style and still be considered quite timeless. It may be helpful to enhance your kitchen with durable, easy-to-clean materials and appliances so it will be less demanding to maintain in the coming years.

Pick an Inviting Color

Color psychology impacts us more deeply than we seem to think. Therefore, one must choose an inviting color-scheme to incorporate into their kitchen redesign. Neutrals, white, blue, gray, and green all conjure up feelings of cleanliness, calm, sophistication, and comfort. For many, these are considered very attractive colors that make homeowners feel good when these surround them. But, as always, people are free to choose something out-of-the-box for their own kitchen enjoyment. Perhaps some find bright hues, saturated shades, or mix-and-match colors and patterns a much more exciting and inviting look. Whatever their preferences, there are plenty of ways to add color to a kitchen.

Add Plenty of Seating

Nothing looks more inviting than offering people a place to sit and relax. To make your kitchen the place to gather in-between meals or a home-favorite hangout spot, add ample seating options. Counter and bar-style seating at a kitchen island is a mainstay in many kitchens these days. More and more homeowners with open kitchens love to create eat-in kitchen seating. A banquette makes a lovely decorative piece but can also double as seating for a breakfast nook set up. With plenty of comfy seating options, your household or guests can enjoy spending some time casually chatting or having a drink in your kitchen redesign.

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