3 Questions To Ask Your Kitchen Designer

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Check out these three questions you should ask your kitchen designer.

Working with a professional designer is the best way to ensure your new kitchen turns out exactly the way you’ve envisioned it. Design Solutions, Inc. knows the importance of consultations and personalized meetings to ensure we bring your dream kitchen to life! Continue reading to learn three essential questions you should ask your kitchen designer.

How Can We Make My Kitchen More Efficient?

Efficiency is a crucial aspect of a kitchen, so before you begin your redesign, ask your designer how they plan to make the room as functional as possible. This may include rearranging your layout to make distinct work-zones, and you may find that moving the fridge or sink makes a huge difference. Your designer will likely have ideas that you’ve never thought of, as they know that kitchens can be used for so much more than cooking. For those with large families, the kitchen is also the main hub of the home where parties, homework, and family game nights occur. Let your designer know how you use your kitchen on a daily basis, and they will help maximize efficiency in the room.

Can I Add More Counter Space?

Counter space is so important for every kitchen, and if you feel like your kitchen is lacking, be sure to ask your designer if it’s possible to add more space. It’s also a good idea to take into consideration any appliances that you plan to keep on the countertop, such as your toaster or coffee machine, as these will take up precious space on your counters. If your appliances and storage are taking up way too much counter space, ask your designer about other places to keep your items- they are sure to have some good ideas!

What Is The Best Lighting Option?

Lighting makes a huge difference in your kitchen, as it not only allows you to see what your chopping and cooking, but it also makes a big impact on the overall design. Your designer will know the best lighting options for different areas of your kitchen- as food preparation areas need bright work lights, while the kitchen table can have a beautiful hanging light or chandelier. They may also have some great ideas about accent lighting for your cabinets or walls to add a beautiful design element.

Design Your Dream Kitchen With Design Solutions, Inc.

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