3 Kitchen Countertop Design Trends

3 Kitchen Countertop Design Trends

Check out these countertop design trends you might want to incorporate in your kitchen remodel this year!

Kitchen design trends always serve as wonderful inspiration for remodeling and redesign projects! And when a homeowner has so many aspects of their kitchen to customize, it’s certainly helpful to know what others rave about to narrow down those options. Today, we’ll explore three kitchen countertop design trends. Hopefully, you’ll incorporate one — or more! — of these beautiful design trends into your kitchen this year.


Remember every homeowner’s obsession with marble and granite countertops? Well, the time has come for quartz to take the spotlight. Quartz is a type of engineered stone. It’s manufactured to be just as durable as granite but is less likely to chip, crack, or scratch. Quartz countertops can be made to replicate the beautiful look of other stone materials. They’re the perfect counters to help homeowners entertain guests. The material is non-porous and doesn’t require manual sealing. Therefore, your quartz counters won’t absorb liquid and stain from spilled drinks, nor will it darken around the kitchen sink over time when water isn’t wiped up.

Butcher Block

Great news for those that love the look of wood: butcher blocks are rising in popularity for kitchen design trends! A butcher block countertop is traditionally made of wood strips bonded together into a slab. Homeowners value butcher block counters due to its rustic look, and because of its versatility in functional kitchen designs. This worksurface is appropriate for slicing and dicing directly on the countertop material. Generally, a butcher block surface is incorporated into a small portion of the kitchen worktop, so it pairs beautifully with other countertop materials and designs.

Honed and Textured

While the glossy and polished look of stone countertops instantly adds elegance to any kitchen design, a more matte-finished counter can look just as tasteful and exquisite. A honed finish is matte with little or no shine. It can be applied to different materials to create a unique look to your kitchen counters. The reduced shine aspect of the finish easily conceals scratches and imperfections, meaning your counters will look like-new for longer. Another type of textured finish is a leather finish. It often has a soft sheen with the uneven surface one associates with leather products. Its textured surface works well at hiding stains and scratches, too, making it appealing to many homeowners.

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