Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. More than any other room, it’s where your family spends their time. Whether you’re cooking meals, entertaining guests, or just talking over coffee, your kitchen should be a space that’s designed to be used and lived in. Design Solutions, Inc. is a Maryland kitchen design firm that creates unique kitchen designs that are perfectly suited to our clients’ functional needs and aesthetic choices.

We consider the relationship between people and the space itself, between people and each other within the space, and between the task areas and the people using them. Our kitchen designs are crafted to enhance interactions between people, and improve the efficiency of the tasks taking place in all types of use.

Our Kitchen Design Process

1. Initial Consultation

A kitchen design that is uniquely-suited for you and your home can only be achieved if we begin with a deep understanding of what your needs and tastes are. We start each and every design with an initial consultation that allows us to form a relationship with the client and gain an understanding for how they will use the space.

2. Home Visit

Just as important as designing to match a client’s needs and expectations is designing to match the kitchen with the rest of the house. We consider the overall style of the home – is your house modern and minimal, a more classically-styled home, or even a period-specific historic home? The kitchen should compliment the rest of the home in not just form but function as well. House traffic and movement patterns, areas of interaction and other aspects of residential design will be weighed.

3. Budget Review

Our clients all have unique requirements in their kitchen design, including budget. We work with you to weigh your options and help you make choices that deliver the best value while still meeting your needs.

4. Design Decisions & Personalized Meetings

With a complete understanding of the goals we want to achieve in your kitchen design, we then begin the process of the design itself. There are an endless amount of choices to be made and details to be determined in the process. We strive to be advisors in the process, guiding you through the options available and our recommendations. Aside from space planning and cabinets, we help with the many other selections we’ll need to make. Everything from paint color to tiles and hardware will be considered. As we make these individual choices, we consider the design as a whole, so the colors and textures work together to achieve balance.

5. Installation

Many of our large projects are done in tandem with a builder, interior designer and architect. In such a group, it is important to understand the main objective of the home design, who takes what roles in the design, and maintain good communications. We can work with one of our preferred contractors or work with contractors you have already chosen for other aspects of the project.

6. Follow Up

As a business built on recommendations from satisfied customers, we continue the relationship we’ve built with a client through the design and installation and follow up to make sure everything is completed to your full satisfaction.

Design Solutions, Inc. provides kitchen design for clients in Annapolis, Howard County, and throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. We also offer services from our secondary location in Cumberland and Western Maryland. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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