Thoughtful Relationship Between People and Interior Design

Thoughtful Relationship Between People and Interior Design

Your home’s interior design can really impact your psychology and mood. That’s why you should prioritize a fabulous home design project!

Throughout our experience of working with homeowners across Maryland, Design Solutions’ team recognizes the impactful relationship between people and the interior design projects we help produce. Our design process is made possible by a deep understanding of our client’s home interior design needs, coupled with functional and aesthetic choices. Ultimately, the finished project will affect the homeowner’s relationship on how they enjoy a space, how they carry out tasks within their homes, and, finally, how they feel in their home in the long run. Let’s further explore the relationship of people’s psychology with interior design, and understanding it’s importance.

Personalized Interior Design

Your home’s interior design can affect your mood and emotions in both obvious and subconscious ways. Strategic interior design can influence one to feel comfortable, safe, or even take pride in their home environment. There are general rules about design and human psychology or perception we can use as guidelines when drafting a design plan. However, each person is unique, and we ultimately want to create a personalized design to fulfill a home, kitchen, or bathroom design project for your individual needs and satisfaction.


Living in a space with limited functionality causes undue stress and frustration over time. Eventually, you’ll notice that just entering the room can put you in a bad mood. Maintaining a negative outlook is not good for our mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Fortunately, we can take control of the situation and use smart choices to rectify a design dilemma that was holding you back from using your home optimally. People feel better when they feel productive and efficient. 


Apart from the functional aspects of a home design, artistic and visual choices play a huge role in influencing people’s emotions. You may already be familiar with some of these color psychology concepts, which can affect how you pick a room’s color scheme:

  • White: Creates a sense of purity and cleanliness. Perfect for making a space feel calm and open.
  • Blue: Various shades induce a sense of calm. It’s a popular choice for kitchens and bedrooms.
  • Gray: Conjures up feelings of serenity and sophistication. This color works well throughout a home.
  • Green: Reminds people of nature, so a soothing and comforting color.

Beyond color choices, your home’s style is influenced by the furniture and decor. Pay attention to size, shapes, textures, and arrangements. Changing these elements around can drastically alter your perception of the space, and therefore improve your attitude and emotions toward the area. For example: do you want to use design tricks that enlarge the appearance of your small kitchen, or do you feel happier enhancing a sense of coziness? Some people feel confined and anxious in small rooms, while others embrace a warm and homey design.

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