Simple Rules for a Contemporary Interior Design

Simple Rules for a Contemporary Interior Design

There’s an undeniable craze for contemporary interior design. Homeowners across Maryland love the way this style brings together simplicity and sophistication.

There’s an undeniable craze for contemporary interior design. Homeowners across Maryland love the way this style brings together simplicity and sophistication. However, the way to go about achieving the look may bring some confusion. In that case, take a look at a few simple rules to keep in mind when creating your contemporary interior design. Plus, you can always enlist the help of a professional home, kitchen, and bath designer!

And just a quick note: these rules can be used as guidelines to jumpstart your contemporary interior design effort. Follow these tips as you see fit, but don’t be afraid to incorporate non-conventional elements to personalize your home design.

Lines, Shape, and Space

Minimalism can make a huge impression. Contemporary interior design makes this sentiment very clear. The strong use of bold lines and geometric shapes that characterize contemporary decor come together in harmony. By using pared-down forms and shapes, more impressive architectural elements of the room can shine and add further visual interest. Such structural features can include but aren’t limited to coffered ceilings, crown molding, large windows, wainscoting, and columns.

Neutral Color Palette

Neutral color palettes dominate most renditions of contemporary interior design. Usually, the neutral beige, gray, black, or white color schemes lend more timeless appeal to any home interior. But, this doesn’t mean contemporary-styled homes lack any color and excitement altogether. Far from it! A neutral background acts as a great foundation to make accents stand out even more. This concept, once more, recommends achieving a balance of colors when adding bold or bright furniture or accessories to a room. Plus, this same idea extends to any textured or finish variations you would like to add, such as stones, glass, and wood.

Bare Yet Bold Furniture

Furniture for contemporary interior design should take the no-frills approach. Sofas, chairs, and coffee tables should come in clean geometric shapes like squares or circles. For furniture with upholstery, opt for natural fiber finishes. Tassels, fringes, and prints are details that create distractions from the desired effect. Your best bet is to go for bare and bold furniture and decor to give your room more structure and less weight. Your initial reaction may be that basic and simple furnishings won’t make a room feel comfortable or inviting. On the contrary, many homeowners find the room’s uncluttered and open feel to be much more calming and peaceful than expected.

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