Living Room Design Dilemmas

Living Room Design Dilemmas

Need a living room design that fixes your too small, too big, or too messy living room? Check out these ideas!

A home’s living room design should reflect the stylish personality of the homeowner and suit the household needs. A well-designed living room or family room is perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. However, you may find your living room design is falling short or facing some design dilemmas. Whether you’ve known for a while that your living room needs a change or you’ve just realized it needs a facelift, we have some tips for planning a living room redesign. Call us at Design Solutions to further discuss your project ideas!

Too Cramped

A living room can feel too cramped for two major reasons. Firstly, your home’s floor plan could be constraining your lifestyle. Secondly, the furniture is perceivably — or literally — taking up too much of the room. If you feel as though your dream living room design is simply unobtainable, given your limited floor plan, it’s worth considering tearing down a wall to expand the room. Otherwise, switching out and rearranging your furniture can be a quicker and budget-friendlier fix. As a general rule, lighten up the space with clean colors and plenty of natural light. This means choosing light-colored sofas, floor coverings, and wall colors. Also, consider adding mirrors or glass decorative elements throughout the living room.

Too Spacious

On the other hand, some homeowners can feel like their living room design is too spacious and empty. With all that space, how can one create a cozier feel and a room with more personality? A large and inviting sofa-sectional can help fill the room with a comfy and functional piece of furniture. Another way to counter this design dilemma is to add a visual element to draw attention to one part of the room. As a result, it prevents the eyes from wandering around the space too much. An ornate television stand, bookshelf, or fireplace commands the room’s attention in a warm and enchanting manner.

Too Cluttered

If your living room has become too claustrophobic to allow anyone in your household actually to live in it, an afternoon spent decluttering and reorganizing can drastically improve the room. Evaluate which decorative knick-knacks, clunky decor, and old books need to go, and you’ll notice how the room feels much lighter already. To keep the clutter away, or at least out of sight, invest in some lovely storage furniture to keep the place tidy but not devoid of decorations. Accent cabinets, coffee and side tables with drawers, and large wicker baskets offer the space some creative style while keeping magazines, remotes, books, and board games from being strewn about the living room.

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