Home Interior Design: Decorative Wainscoting

Home Interior Design: Decorative Wainscoting

Here’s what a style-savvy homeowner such as yourself should know about wainscoting, and how you can add its charm to your home interior.

Wainscoting has been used in home interior design since the 14th century. While you may think that wainscoting is only found in old homes or homes decorated in the traditional style, decorative wall trims are still trendy in all types of homes across Maryland! As it turns out, wainscoting never really went out of style because it can be versatile, with small changes that can fit into any home interior design. Here’s what a style-savvy homeowner such as yourself should know about wainscoting, and how you can add its charm to your home interior.

What Is Wainscoting?

Wainscoting, pronounced “Wayne’s coating,” refers to panels that line the often lower portions of walls. Traditionally, wainscot panels are made of wood. Today, they come in materials made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF), PVC plastic, and even tiles. In the past, home builders used wainscoting for practical purposes. This included adding insulation to a room or covering up imperfections and minor damages to the lower half of walls. Now, wainscoting and similar applications, like beadboards, serve more decorative purposes.

Where Can I Use Wainscoting in My Home?

Many know wainscoting for the stylish upgrade it can make to a bathroom. But truthfully, wainscoting looks fabulous in all other areas of a home! Lining a living space, dining room, or a home study with wainscoting helps make any room feel more visually unified and inviting. Hallways, entryways, and stairways can also benefit from this decorative wall addition. These areas can often lack the space to add stylish decor. Plus, these are high traffic areas in a home. The panels pay off in double duty by preventing wall scuffs and marks.

How Does Wainscoting Enhance My Interior Design?

Wainscoting panels come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Simple recessed or raised rectangular panels painted in white add old-school allure to your home interior. Conversely, homeowners can choose more eclectic styles to add contemporary flair, especially when painted with an accent color. Wainscoting pairs beautifully with many shades of wall paint or wallpaper designs. Consider how these wall panels will come together with your walls, ceiling, and flooring to create the backdrop of your home. An interior designer can also help you incorporate the perfect type of wainscot into various areas of your home.

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