Home Design Trend: Add Class with Glass

Home Design Trend: Add Class with Glass

To add versatility and class to any home design, glass is the clear winner.

If you’re looking for stylish ways to add class to your home design, incorporating glass throughout your home is an elegant way to give your home that expensive look. Using glass for more than windows or sliding doors may come as a surprise to many. Glass comes in many textures and strengths, making it an excellent building material in several cases. Best of all, glass is a sustainable material.

Design Solutions loves helping homeowners create fabulous, functional, and earth-friendly home designs! Keep reading for some sophisticated ways to use glass in your home design.

Statement Windows

Windows can come in so many different sizes and shapes. The look of the windows themselves add plenty of visual interest, but the light it allows into your home also adds to the overall home design. Large windows that take up an entire wall will definitely make a statement. More ornate and strategically placed windows, such as around a door frame, are subtle and chic ways to add unique details around a home.

Glass Doors

Large glass doors, whether used as a front door or as sliding glass doors, bring in natural lighting to your home. Light creates the illusion of more space in a home. Additionally, clear yet protected openings from your home let you have a greater sense of connection to the outside world and nature. Influences from nature are found in several contemporary and traditional home designs.

Glass Staircase

Celebrities’ homes have popularized the look of glass staircases. By replacing your current staircase with a glass one, you can achieve an open and airy look in your home. Other materials other than clear glass appears to close off the stairs and can obstruct the overall view of a room. Just be cautious if you have small children or pets. Otherwise, tempered glass is reinforced and sturdy enough for glass rails.

Room Dividers & Partitions

Glass dividers and room partitions can provide decent privacy to each room without the feeling of being completely closed off from the rest of the house. Using textured glass panels or hanging light curtains can give more privacy to each partition while still letting in light throughout the home. Consider building glass dividers to section off your home office, a breakfast nook, or as a partition between the master bedroom and master bathroom.


Conservatories are elegant home structures that can add fantastic resale value to your home. If you build a glass conservatory, though, we have a feeling you’ll be staying in your house’s favorite new addition for several years to come. A glass conservatory can act as a greenhouse, a sunroom, or just any other extended dining or lounging space. Be sure to outfit the conservatory with LEED-certified glass, which is a typically thicker and more insulating material.

Glass Furniture

Lastly, decorating your home with glass furniture is a simple and chic way to incorporate a modern and classy vibe to your home. A glass dining room table, glass-front cabinets, a glass coffee table, or even glass chairs are just some of the brilliant ways to incorporate glass into your home design.

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