Dreamy Master Bedroom Design Tips and Ideas

Dreamy Master Bedroom Design Tips and Ideas

Thoughtful living space design concepts can just as wonderfully be applied to your master bedroom!

You’ve heard of this astounding fact, about how the average person will spend 26 years of their life sleeping. Interestingly, we will also spend about seven years trying to fall asleep. The fact of the matter is people will spend a large portion of our lives in a bedroom. Therefore, these vital rooms in any home should not be passed over for a thoughtful design. Your master bedroom design can be a beautiful living space just as much as it’s a restful sanctuary. Here are some master bedroom design ideas to get you inspired to create your perfect bedroom.

New Paint

Like most other rooms in the house, you can instantly transform the vibe with a new coat of paint. If you plan on remaining in your home for many years, opt for a color that speaks to your personality and style. Otherwise, if you plan on selling your home, a shade of versatile and calming neutral paint will work nicely.

Master Suite Conversion

This type of project is more involved, but can yield excellent returns for your home space usage! Consider combining rooms and expanding your home’s current master bedroom into a suite-style room. The resulting master bedroom will feel more like a private quarter rather than just the room with your bed in it. This way, the room can function as both a daytime living area while remaining cozy and dreamy at bedtime.

Window Seat

Several master bedroom design ideas push for seating space in the room itself since the master tends to be the biggest bedroom in the house. Extra seating also serves as a relaxing place to lounge other than the bed. Try the space-efficient and cozy seating trend of installing window seats. It’s a fabulous nook to enjoy a book or a cup of coffee.


A fireplace is the epitome of coziness and warmth; why not put one in your bedroom? At the end of a long day, the welcoming, soft glow from your fireplace can set the right mood to help you unwind.

Statement Lighting

When you don’t want the bed to be the main focal point of your master bedroom design, draw the attention to your ceiling. If space allows, hanging a gorgeous chandelier will make your master bedroom feel like a regal retreat. However, for low-ceiling rooms, there are plenty of flush-mount ceiling light fixtures to add pizzazz instead.

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