Adding Color To Home Interior Design

Adding Color To Home Interior Design

Breathe new life and add color into your home interior design like a pro!

“Neutral” and “white” are words we’ve used to describe a chic and classic home interior design for a long time now. While these light and clean color palettes continue to emanate elegance, some homeowners are looking for ways to add some of the rainbow back into their homes. This endeavor ranges from adding pops of color and accent pieces to completely transforming a kitchen or living room into a multicolored haven. Color makes a grand revival in home interior design this year, so here are some tips for stylishly adding more hues to your home.

Take a Chance with Small Spaces

Do you have a smaller room or tight space that could use a pick me up? Go bold and create a monochrome look in these areas! A breakfast nook or powder room is typically smaller spaces within a home. Instead of trying to make these rooms look bigger with white and light colors, choose something more striking like a rich burgundy or cobalt. These small, colorful surprises in your home interior design help create a contrast to other neutral color-scheme areas of the rest of your home.

Rule of Three

Limiting a room’s color palette to three tried-and-true color combinations helps make your color choices less overwhelming while helping you maintain balance in the overall design. You can find endless inspiration for color-trios online. Some popular mixes include blue, yellow, and orange; pink, purple, and green; blue, green, and yellow; purple, red, and orange. Try keeping the color intensity similar, such as sticking to vibrant and saturated or more muted pastel shades.

Pull from Patterns

If you have a piece of colorful artwork or a fun patterned rug you love, use these large decor pieces to guide your room’s color palette. Say you have a painting that uses gorgeous shades of purple and lilac in your living room. Add throw pillows or vases with similar purple colors throughout the room, plus tiny pops of contrasting yellow to create tons of visual interest.

Replicate What We Know

Just like you would put together your favorite outfit, take inspiration from your clothes when assembling your home interior design’s color scheme. If you have a pair of denim jeans that you love to pair with a white blouse, add a denim blue rug or sofa to your neutral living room. Do you like the way your poppy red sweater looks with your khaki-colored pants? Find interesting backsplash or floor tiles with bits of that bright red to go in your wood motif kitchen.

Back to Basics

If you’re looking to start small with your already neutral-colored home interior design, just pick one color that compliments your current situation. Olive and sage green work well with taupe/beige, while navy and powder blue pair nicely with gray/white interiors.

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