Bathroom Design Forecast for 2016

Traditional Bathroom Design

Freestanding tubs make for a great focal feature, and are a trending design for 2016.

With every new year, comes new trends. Home design is constantly evolving, becoming more eco-friendly, edgy and functional. If you are considering investing in a new bathroom design or remodel for 2016, be sure to consider the up-and-coming trends. The new year is all about turning your bathroom into a zen-like spa getaway. As always, you should consider usage, privacy, lighting, flooring, bathtub, shower, storage and limitations.

Focal Point

When you walk into your bathroom, does anything “wow” you at first glance? It is becoming increasingly popular to emphasize a focal point that sets the tone for the bathroom’s style as a whole. Freestanding bathtubs (with tub fillers) and walk-in showers with multiple heads are great examples. You can also emphasize a focal point with a large vanity, color, detailed light fixture, mirrors or unique sinks.

Square Shaped Showerheads

Let’s get geometric! Squares and similar square-like angular shapes are appearing more and more in modern bathroom designs. Square shaped showerheads and fixtures can be integrated into modern, contemporary and transitional bathroom styles with ease. They tend to be larger than the average showerhead and can emanate the feel of showering under smooth rainwater.


Oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are two metals used in popular bathroom designs for 2016. Warm, brassy toned colors and textures for bathroom features can give the room a modern and classy yet rustic feel. Metallics aren’t just becoming popular on bathroom sink bowls, but on the outside of freestanding bathtubs and shower heads. If you aren’t interested in metallics, modern sink bowls made of glass and other materials aren’t losing their luster any time soon.

Bathroom Countertop

If your bathroom countertop is lacking space or functionality, it may be the first area you are interested in revamping. A new bathroom countertop can immediately change the feel of your bathroom. Bathroom countertops are made out of several materials, but materials trending in 2016 are granite (brown and white), marble (beige, gray and black), engineered stone/quartz and laminate.

Heated Floors

This upscale remodeling option can make a huge difference in your daily routine for those living in extremely cold climates. The average reported cost for a heated floor is $600 per 100 square feet. Having a heated floor isn’t only beneficial for those late night trips to the bathroom, they can also save homeowners money by allowing them to keep the temperature in their home lower during winter months.

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