Bathroom Design

A well-designed bathroom should be an oasis of relaxation. Too often overlooked, the bathrooms in your home are where you prepare yourself, body and mind, to face the day ahead. As a Maryland bathroom design firm, Design Solutions, Inc. can transform your bathroom to a beautiful, welcoming space that meets all of your family’s demands.

Bathroom Design – Factors to Consider

Our role as your bathroom design firm is to guide you through a long list of decisions, and organize the myriad elements into a cohesive design. Regardless of the scale and requirements of your bathroom design, there are a host of factors that will affect the result:

Usage & Privacy

How many people use this bathroom? Do you need more than one sink? Do you need energy and water efficient fixtures for a more sustainable design? Will the area be used by children? How much privacy do you want? Should there be a separate room for the tub and shower or toilet? Will glass shower doors work or is more privacy needed? A fully-functioning bathroom should consider all of these basic requirements.


Does the space have any natural light from windows or skylights? How will the mirrors be lighted and how much light is required? If the bathroom design will have a relaxed, spa-like feel, do you need dimmable mood lighting? How do the lighting fixtures coordinate with the hardware on the fixtures?


Does tile or stone flooring work best or should you consider hardwood for your bathroom design? Will the flooring utilize radiant heating? What types of accent rug or bathmats will you use? How does the bathroom floor transition into the next hallway or room?

Bathtub & Shower

There are a wide range of bathtub and shower options to suit your needs, but the functionality you require should be your first consideration. Do you need a large tub for bathing children? A Jacuzzi tub for relaxing massages? Should the shower be separate from the bath? Do you need to see out the door from the tub or should more privacy be added?


Storage for towels, personal items and cleaning supplies is an important consideration. How much space is needed for towel racks or bars? Do you need shelving or enclosed cabinet storage? Is there an adjoining linen closet nearby that can store larger items? How much counter space do you need?


What limitations are there in terms of plumbing, electrical, and space that must be worked around in the design process? Can adjustments be made for increased functionality?

Design Solutions, Inc. offers bathroom redesign for clients in Anne Arundel County, Howard County, and throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. We also serve clients from our secondary location in Cumberland and Western Maryland. Please contact us to discuss your bathroom design needs.

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